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29 January 1998 Edition

The Wexford Republic's Mighty Wave

29 January 1998

Fionntán O Súilleabháin looks at the 1798 Rebellion in Wexford which led the way in that revolutionary year Free article

Former POW beaten

29 January 1998

A former republican POW, from North Belfast has told of a vicious RUC attack upon him last weekend. Four RUC members from a mobile support unit wearing green scarves over their faces grabbed the man by the testicles and threatened him, saying, ``see these eyes son, they are the last eyes you will see before the LVF shoots you.'' Free article

The Master's Voice

29 January 1998

``The Northern Ireland Secretary and a colleague there..'' said the Sky News presenter, wrapping up coverage of the joint press conference by Mo Mowlam and David Andrews in Lancaster House on Tuesday. Free article

US ignores Pope's condemnation of blockade

29 January 1998

Given a choice between reporting on the alleged debauchery of their president, or the depraved and corrupt nature of their country's foreign policy, the US media opted for the former. Free article

Meánscoil Feirste ar an scoil fearr

29 January 1998

TA ceiliúradh ar siúl i measc Gaeilgeoirí Béal Feirste le foilsiú torthaí táblaí oideachais. Free article

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Workers in struggle

29 January 1998

It has to be No and Crampton picketers defy High Court Free article

Sportsview: Out! Out! Out!

29 January 1998

Forgive me for using Margaret Thatcher's famous (or infamous) quote regarding uniting our country, but that is the way a lot of Irish football fans feel after the events of the last week - and particularly National League fans, in regards to one Sammy Hammam. Free article

Remembering the past: Mysterious death of `20s Volunteer

29 January 1998

On a dark frosty January evening in Dublin 70 years ago an IRA Volunteer was gunned down in mysterious circumstances by Free State agents. Free article

Back issue: Britain's guilt unquestionable

29 January 1998

With reports of Strasbourg's European Court of Human Rights absolving Britain of the use of torture on Irish political prisoners, many here in Derry feel the same sickening disgust and betrayal of justice felt on the publication of Britain's infamous Widgery Report about Bloody Sunday, according to a statement from Comhairle Cheantair Doire. Free article

New in print: A History of Conflict in the Short Strand 1886 - 1997

29 January 1998

Over the past two years The Ballymacarrett Research Group (BRG) has been engaged in extensive research which has resulted in a book on the history of the Short Strand area of Belfast. Set in Ballymacarrett, just east of the Lagan, the district has been to the fore in the bitter legacy of conflict that has besieged Belfast since 1886. Free article

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