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16 May 2016 Edition

Israel’s jailing of Palestinian children

16 May 2016

On 24 April, 12-year-old Palestinian girl Dima al-Wawi was released from an Israeli prison. Crying and comforted by her mother, she was welcomed back to her home village of Halhoul near Hebron by friends and family after two and a half months behind bars. Dima was arrested on her way to school by Israeli occupation forces for allegedly having a knife in her schoolbag. “I am happy to be out. Prison is bad,” the schoolgirl told the Associated Press. “I missed my classmates and my friends and family.” She was freed two months early after an appeal. Free article

Thriving and striving to spread Uncomfortable Conversations – Rev Dr Norman Hamilton

16 May 2016

I would suggest that the lack of traction for the Uncomfortable Conversations project amongst many people outside the republican tradition lies partly in the widespread disillusionment with politics generally Free article

Overheard voices

16 May 2016

IF YOU ARE from Belfast and, like me, moved across the Border in the late 1990s, this scenario might sound familiar. Towards the end of a night out, some stranger who has maybe overheard your accent (it was invariably a man) decides to explain to you what the conflict is/was about. Premium service article

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Briars, bullocks and bachelors

16 May 2016

LOSS OF POPULATION from Europe’s peripheral regions was once considered a high priority for the expanding European Economic Community. It ranked higher than the concern about jobs, infrastructure, services and the loss of biodiversity. Academics wrote papers, bureaucrats decided policy, journalists offered solace, politicians expressed regret, and environmentalists cried wolf. Premium service article

Exposed – 'Former nazi' masquerading as a journalist

16 May 2016

A ‘FORMER’ NAZI posing as a “journalist” is facing legal action over statements he published about newly-elected Sinn Féin TD Kathleen Funchion on his “Kilkenny Journal” website and social media accounts, An Phoblacht has learned. Premium service article

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