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5 August 2013 Edition

A way forward for the Orange Order

5 August 2013

THE Orange Order’s determination to continue its weekly protests over Parades Commission restrictions on its events in north Belfast is disappointing. It is hard to see what it hopes to achieve without a more rounded and conciliatory approach to resolving the contentious issue of marches and parades close to nationalist and interface areas. Free article

The Lockout’s legacy of struggle is needed now

5 August 2013

AUGUST marks the centenary of the Great Lockout of 1913, when bosses in Dublin locked thousands of workers out of their jobs because the workers refused to sign a pledge not to join the Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union. Free article

The Dublin Lockout – On the eve

5 August 2013

This article was published in The Irish Worker, newspaper of the Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union, on 30 August 1913, at the start of the Great Lockout. Free article

‘Trade unions must roll up their sleeves and get active’

5 August 2013

MEETING John Douglas in his General Secretary’s office at the Mandate trade union HQ in Parnell Square is an education in history itself. Premium service article

IMF insider blows the cover on failure of austerity

5 August 2013

THE IMF’s former Chief of Mission to Ireland, Ashoka Mody, certainly put the cat among the pigeons when he stridently criticised the EU-imposed policy of austerity, suggested that there should be no more ‘fiscal adjustment’ for three years, and argued that the alternative to austerity and poverty was growth and development. Free article

Colluding in state cover-ups

5 August 2013

THE ‘revelation’ by a police watchdog investigation that the Historical Enquiries Team – set up in 2005 to re-examine 3,260 killings in the conflict – probed cases involving the British Army with “less rigour” and with casual disregard to normal practices is confirmation by a British state agency of what nationalists have known down the decades since the 1960s. Premium service article

Tackling Unemployment

5 August 2013

THE Fine Gael/Labour Government are claiming that they are making progress in tackling the unemployment crisis. Jobs are being created, they say; the live register is falling; the number of people in employment is increasing. Premium service article

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Laethanta Deiridh an tSeanaid?

5 August 2013

BHÍ rud éigin ósréalaíoch ag baint leis an choicíos deireadh sa tSeanad roimh sos an tSamhraidh. ‘Stoirm Fhoirfe’ a bhí ann ar bhealach, agus muid ar bord an Titanic b’fhéidir! Premium service article

We all have the power to make a change

5 August 2013

THIS YEAR’S Sinn Féin Summer School in the picturesque west Cork village of Baile Mhuirne (enjoying glorious sunshine at the end of June before the July heatwave) lived up to its now-established reputation as one of the most stimulating and open forums on social and political issues. Free article

Gusty Spence and loyalism’s political challenges

5 August 2013

TONY NOVOSEL makes a convincing argument that loyalists had created peace and reconciliation proposals during the mid-1970s through to the mid-1980s period. Free article

To be seen and heard – Why it’s always good to talk

5 August 2013

ON the 15th anniversary in May of the Good Frday Agreement referendum, republican ex-prisoners hosted a cross-community conference in the Linen Hall Library in Belfast. Free article

Cost of the EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework

5 August 2013

A REDUCED EU budget will have a devastating effect on the North of Ireland. A 6% reduction for 2014 represents the first time the EU budget has been cut in 56 years. Free article

The Salmon of Knowledge

5 August 2013

SALMON the size of a bull-calf, magic apples, flaming pigs, plentiful fowl, succulent beef, bone-sucking mutton, juicy fruit, mouth-watering grapes, ever-lasting bread and water and wine. Wondrous food epitomised the ancient voyages of Máel Dúin, Bran, Snédgus and Mac Riagla, and Saint Brendan. Premium service article

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