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19 June 2008 Edition

The people have spoken - now it's time for Plan B

19 June 2008

THE PEOPLE have spoken. The Lisbon Treaty is dead. Now it's time for Plan B. While some treaty advocates have reacted by blaming the electorate for rejecting it, reasonable voices have been more positive. There is no crisis. The 26 Counties is not going to be ejected from European Union. It will continue to be at its heart. Importantly, its political leaders are indicating that it's time to listen, reflect and engage. Free article

LISBON TREATY REJECTION : Sinn Féin seeks constructive meeting with Taoiseach

19 June 2008

VOTERS in the 26 Counties have rejected the Lisbon Treaty by a decisive margin. The result is a major victory for those, including Sinn Féin, who campaigned for a 'No' vote. Free article

Lisbon Treaty rejection : Interview with Mary Lou McDonald MEP

19 June 2008

IN the aftermath of a resounding 'No' vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum, the Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin, MARY LOU McDONALD speaks to An Phoblacht's ELLA O'DWYER about the result and what Sinn Féin believes should happen now. Free article

Major funding for Irish Language Broadcast Fund

19 June 2008

MAJOR new finance will be available to continue funding of the North's Irish Language Broadcast Fund (ILBF) when it expires in March 2009 following intense representations by Sinn Féin to the British Government, Gerry Adams has revealed. Free article


1971 internment killings in Ballymurphy - campaign launches demands

19 June 2008

FAMILIES bereaved as a result of the British Army massacre in Ballymurphy during the introduction of internment in 1971 were joined by West Belfast MP Gerry Adams to launch a campaign leaflet on Wednesday. Free article

International : Chad

19 June 2008

THE central problem for the people of Darfur and neighbouring Chad is not, as some would have it, that they are suffering from a lack of weaponry or an absence of heavily-armed forces capable of imposing their will. Quite the contrary. Free article

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