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3 November 2005 Edition

United Ireland must be more than aspiration

3 November 2005

All parties in Leinster House should work together towards the aim of Irish unity and independence. This was the message from Sinn Féin TDs as they tabled a motion calling for the Oireachtas to prepare politically, economically, socially and culturally for Irish unification, identifying steps, including a Green Paper, which can assist a successful transition to a united Ireland. Free article

Oireachtas - Kenny and Rabbitte slammed for partitionism

3 November 2005

In an arrogant and exclusivist declaration last weekend the 26-County Minister for Justice and PD Deputy Leader Michael McDowell made clear his opposition to Taoiseach's Bertie Ahern's proposals for representation for Six-County parties and MPs in the life of the Oireachtas. Free article

Collusion further exposed

3 November 2005

British state collusion in the murder of nationalists was never a case of a 'few bad apples' or the informal sharing of intelligence between locally recruited official and unofficial state forces. Nor was it a matter of turning a blind eye or hiding the truth after the event. Free article


Sceptical welcome for transport plan

3 November 2005

The Dublin Government's launch of Transport 21 on Tuesday night is being widely viewed as a desperate attempt by Fianna Fáil to win the next General Election. Transport Minister Martin Cullen announced that the new initiative will cost €34 billion over the next ten years and promised more public transport, including more Luas and Metro lines in Dublin, expanded motorways and improved rail corridors throughout the country. Free article

Hain accused of breaking rules in sop to DUP

3 November 2005

Controversy over the appointment of Bertha McDougall as the North's Interim Victims Commissioner on Monday 24 October may end up in court after the human rights group Relatives for Justice (RFJ) accused the British Government of failing to carry out a proper consultation. Free article

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