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14 October 2004 Edition

The ceasefire that never was

14 October 2004

A few weeks ago, this paper marked the tenth anniversary of the 1994 IRA cessation and examined the army's subsequent positive contributions to the Peace Process. Wednesday 13 October marked the tenth anniversary of the loyalist ceasefire. Unfortunately, we cannot document the progress loyalist paramilitaries have made in the last ten years. Free article

'We want the truth, and we won't stop until we get it.'

14 October 2004

"It was a Wednesday afternoon - 5 February 1992 - the day after the attack at the Sinn Féin offices on the Falls Road that left three people dead. Free article

Saville Report delay threat

14 October 2004

British soldiers involved in the killing of 14 civilians on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972 are threatening to take the Saville Inquiry to court, it emerged this week. The action is being viewed as a mechanism to further delay publication of the inquiry report and could lead to a watering down of the findings. Free article

'Stormontgate' charges dropped

14 October 2004

A West Belfast businessman has described himself as 'relieved but angry' after changes made against him were dropped after a 16-month ordeal. William Tierney, a former republican prisoner from West Belfast, was arrested in June 2003 and charged with possession of information. Free article


Why no plans to defortify PSNI stations in Fermanagh?

14 October 2004

Last week, the SDLP published a list of 17 stations where defortification has been approved and funding secured. Fermanagh/South Tyrone Sinn Féin MLA, Thomas O'Reilly, has asked, however, why are none of these in Fermanagh? Free article

Ombudsman's findings fail family

14 October 2004

The family of Catholic taxi driver Frank Hughes, shot dead by loyalists in 1990, are determined to pursue their quest for justice despite a ruling by the Policing Ombudsman that the killing was properly investigated at the time. Free article

Cabinet confusion on Aer Lingus

14 October 2004

We might have a new cabinet with a new Minister for Transport, but when it comes to the running of Aer Lingus and developing strategy for the state airline, confusion reigns. Events of the past week have shown gaping differences between Bertie Ahern and his Tánaiste, not to mention between the executive directors of Aer Lingus and the Government. Free article

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