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30 April 2018 Edition

The Conscription Crisis of 1918

30 April 2018

Between the 1916 Rising and the December 1918 General Election the biggest crisis faced by the British government in Ireland and the most seismic shift in Irish politics was the confrontation provoked by the attempt to impose conscription – compulsory service in the British Army by men of military age in Ireland. Free article

Fiachra McGuinness speaks one year on...

30 April 2018

“In a way we are also lucky that we can take great pride on what he achieved during his lifetime. He was a massive figure in Irish politics and helped to transform this society so that our children are growing up in a better place than he did. That, to me, is the greatest achievement of all – to give that gift to future generations.” - Fiachra McGuinness Free article

Exploring the legacy of Martin Mcguinness

30 April 2018

Our great friend and leader Martin McGuinness left us on March 21st last year. Gerry Adams looks at Martin’s life and his efforts to build a new Ireland based on equality, peace and reconciliation. Free article

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