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1 March 2019 Edition

Active abstentionism is a step towards Irish unity

1 March 2019

Gerry Adams outlines the case for active abstentionism, energetically representing citizens, working to empower communities to effectively fight for their rights Free article

Brexit’s threat to civil rights

1 March 2019

MEP Martina Anderson makes the case for allowing Irish citizens north of the border vote in EU elections post Brexit Free article

Focus needed on Presidential voting rights referendum

1 March 2019

Callum Smyth marks our diaries for the coming referendum on extending presidential election voting rights Free article

In 2019 Sinn Féin must focus on social sites of struggle

1 March 2019

Amy Ward marks out some challenges for Sinn Fein in the aftermath of the 8th Amendment campaign Free article

We can change the world street by street

1 March 2019

Seán Baillie shows how a union of renters have the potential and power to change and improve society Free article

The future so full of hope

1 March 2019

Mícheál Mac Donncha takes us back to January 21st 1919, that fateful day after which here was no going back Free article

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  • This special edition which focuses on Irish Unity, features articles by Pearse Doherty, Dr Thomas Paul and Martina Anderson.
  • Pearse sets out the argument for an United Ireland Economy whilst Pat Sheehan makes the case for a universally free all-island health service.
  • Other articles include, ‘Ceist teanga in Éirinn Aontaithe’, ‘Getting to a new Ireland’ and ‘Ireland 1918-22: The people’s revolution’.

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The importance of Soloheadbeg 1919

1 March 2019

Aengus Ó Snodaigh gives an account of the IRA attack carried out on the same day of the First Dáil that was to have a profound effect on the course of Irish history Free article

‘Tá Acht Gaeilge fiúntach de dhíth’

1 March 2019

Scríobhann Pádraig Ó Tiarnaigh ar an riachtanas le hAcht Gaeilge fiúntach ó thuaidh. Free article

Left parties must stand with the people

1 March 2019

Duroyan Fertl writes on a strategy to combat the growth of neo-fascist and far right movements Free article

‘Our eyes are open and we won’t kneel down’

1 March 2019

Cyril Benoit reports from the France on the unexpected and unprecedented social explosion that is the “gilets jaunes” movement Free article

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