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12 November 2009 Edition

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

12 November 2009

THROUGHOUT the Peace Process Sinn Féin insisted that the goal was to 'take the gun out of Irish politics' and we pointed out that this would only be possible through the creation of a new political dispensation where political ideals and objectives could be pursued on a level playing field. The Good Friday Agreement, endorsed throughout the island mapped out a peaceful and democratic way forward. It meant that republicans could pursue our objectives of Irish unity and sovereignty on the same basis as unionists could pursue the maintenance of the Union with Britain. Free article

The west Cork killings of April 1922

12 November 2009

IN early October, the RTÉ One Irish-language series CSÍ broadcasted a programme on the killing in west Cork of 13 Protestants, 11 of whom had loyalist connections (the remaining two were relatives) between 26-29 April, 1922. IRA officer Thomas O'Neill had been shot dead on the 26th by those who would be the first three victims. His death seemed to spark a three-day (or rather night) wave of killings that terrified the local population. Free article

Another View by Eoin Ó Broin

12 November 2009

LAUNCHING a Joint Oireachtas Committee report on women in politics last week Senator Ivana Bacik argued that increasing the numbers of women TDs would require strong legislation. The report listed a series of measures aimed at increasing women's participation in politics including civic education programmes, financial supports, facilitation of childcare and family responsibilities, mentoring and training programmes, and support for women's networks. Free article

IMF is not an option for Ireland

12 November 2009

BE AFRAID, be very afraid, 'IMF creep' is threatening Irish sovereignty. It probably started as a joke at Dublin cocktail parties, where the well heeled talk about the latest David McWilliams articles and how they miss George Lee on RTÉ, but the glib argument that with a deepening economic crisis and a paralysed coalition government the only way to avoid disaster was to allow the International Monetary Fund (IMF) manage or run the Irish economy is gaining credence. Free article

Marchers seek 'fair play for the little people'

12 November 2009

An Phoblacht's ELLA O'DWYER joined those on the streets of central Dublin who marched last Friday as part of the ICTU-organised state wide mobilisations. Free article


12 November 2009

THIS is the greatest story ever. It brings together beauty pageant contestants, the British army, a nightclub brawl and a gladiator (one of the TV ones rather than a time traveller from ancient Rome). We begin with Rachel Christie, a 21-year-old woman who in July of this year was crowned Miss England to general disinterest outside of the world of sleazy men and internet porn. Although she was the first black woman to be crowned Miss England so I suppose it was a victory for race relations somewhere along the line. Free article


12 November 2009

Thíos ar leathinis Uíbh Ráthaigh domh an tseachtain seo chuaigh thart, i gCiarraí Theas agus ag cásadh ar choiste pobail áitiúil mar chuid de mholtóireacht Ghlór na nGael a bhí ar siúl ar fud na tíre le coicís anuas agus atá fós ar siúl le roinnt coistí fós ag ullmhú do chuairt 'na moltóirí'. Mar a tharlaíonn sé, agus tá mé dá rá seo le sé bliana anuas, is pribhléid ar leith é domh a bheith ábalta dul isteach i gcroí lár na suímh is éifeachtaí, is fuinniúla agus is tiománta don teanga, agus d'obair phobail i ngach cearn den tír. Free article

Remembering the Past: The Irish Bulletin

12 November 2009

IN the months following the establishment of the First Dáil Éireann the British regime in Ireland continued the strict censorship of Irish newspapers that it had imposed during the European war. News within Ireland was stifled by Dublin Castle and outside Ireland the British tried to ensure that only their version of events was reported in the world's press. Free article

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