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3 April 2008 Edition

The Brian Keenan interview: From civil rights to armed struggle

3 April 2008

BRIAN KEENAN joined the IRA in 1968. In the intervening 40 years he became one of the IRA's foremost strategists and a thorn in the side of British imperialism. Tony Blair's Chief of Staff at 10 Downing Street during the war years described Brian Keenan as "the single biggest threat to the British state". Brian spoke to JIM GIBNEY for the first time publicly about his life as a husband and father of six children, as an IRA activist, his years in jails in England and the influences that shaped his early life. This is the second instalment of a three-part feature in which Brian Keenan tells us, in his own words, about how resistance developed from agitation for civil rights to armed struggle. Free article

The Good Friday Agreement : An historic and defining event

3 April 2008

LOOKING BACK now, there are times when it is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since those momentous days in April 1998. The Good Friday Agreement marks an historic and defining point of change in the history and development of this island. Free article


3 April 2008

If you listen carefully, you can just make out a gentle clicking noise emanating from somewhere deep in the bowels of Harare. That's the sound of the single abacus employed by Zimbabwean electoral officials to count the votes from Saturday's election. How else to explain the delay? Free article


3 April 2008

Athrú Free article

Matt Treacy

3 April 2008

THE recent resurgence of resistance by people in Tibet to the Chinese dictatorship has once again raised the issue of a boycott of the Olympics to be held there in August. Free article

Media View

3 April 2008

TV3's Dirty Money series concluded this week with Paul Williams of the Sunday World indulging himself in his favourite pastime of pedalling the most lurid and lying propaganda about Irish republicans. Free article

Fifth Column

3 April 2008

Willie O’Dea’s war

WILLIE O’DEA has gone all Rambo on us again, demanding in the Sunday Tribune that the Sinn Féin Bookshop (www.sinnfeinbookshop.com) stops selling its very popular line of quality badges, rings and pendants bearing the name Óglaigh na hÉireann.
Defence Minister O’Dea argues that the 26 County Defence Forces is the only body entitled to use that name and he’s... Free article

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