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14 February 2008 Edition

Le ChÉile Connacht Honouree : Kathleen Glavey

14 February 2008

KATHLEEN GLAVEY, from Dunmore, County Galway, is the Le Chéile honouree for Connacht. Kathleen's political work has been central to the reinvigoration of the Republican Movement in her native county and her outstanding contribution to the struggle is clearly acknowledged by those around her, people who say, "It's an honour to call her comrade." Free article

INTERVIEW: Raquel Garrido, National Council of the French Socialist Party

14 February 2008

RAQUEL GARRIDO is a member of the National Council of the French Socialist Party, the sister party of the Irish Labour Party. She was a prominent member of the successful campaign against the EU Constitution in France in 2005. Recently in Ireland to speak at the launch of the Campaign Against the EU Constitution's 'No to Lisbon' campaign, Raquel spoke to EOIN Ó BROIN about why she believes the Lisbon Treaty is bad for a social Europe. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

14 February 2008

IT WAS the second attack within weeks, though you would never have guessed it judging by the reaction of the Six-County Tourist Board (NITB). Free article

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14 February 2008

France: Thousands call for a referendum on Lisbon Treaty, Call for end to Gaza 'suffocation', Commercialisation of post services rubber stamped, De Brún welcomes Brazilian beef ban, Ending street homelessness, Euro Parliament to debate Lisbon Treaty, European Parliament celebrates 50th birthday and Irish language use defended in Euro Parliament Free article


14 February 2008

Fágann achan nduine an nead ám inteacht le dhul na choláiste nó le obair a fháil nó rudaí agus áiteacha úra a fheiceáil. Free article

Matt Treacy

14 February 2008

AS ANOTHER Antrim forward was dispossessed by a Dublin back, a frustrated Belfast voice was heard to lament the lack of sharpness that had been on display in the Walsh Cup. To which a Dub standing in front of him responded: "Ah, go easy on them. They're not playing Kilkenny now." It did at least raise a few smiles. Free article

Media View

14 February 2008

THE most (counter) revolutionary change taking place in Irish foreign policy over the last 30 years - from relative neutrality and a non-aligned position to that of Western fig-leaf - reached an almost final conclusion recently with the Irish Government's agreement to hold the line for the French in their neo-colony of Chad. Free article

Fifth Column

14 February 2008

Poster boys and girls

YOUNG Fine Gael is holding a slogan competition for a poster supporting the Lisbon Treaty.
To try and get people’s creative juices flowing, YFG heads are showing what they describe as their “provocative” posters used in the first Nice Treaty referendum, Better 2 B Inside and Passion for Europe.
The idea, YFG says, was to motivate young people.
You may remember... Free article

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