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12 October 2006 Edition

Truth and conflict Seeking the best way forward

12 October 2006

Sinn Féin organised a seminar in Belfast recently around the theme - Should there be a Truth Process? to deal with the legacy of the conflict. Well over 100 activists attended and many contributed from the floor after hearing the arguments for and against the motion. Amongst those present were people who had lost loved ones, people who had been combatants, ex-prisoners and people who had just recently joined the party, including a number of young people. Here, JACKIE McMULLAN gives his impressions. Free article

The Health Crisis - Inequality of system causing real hardship

12 October 2006

As momentum builds towards a major rally in Dublin on 21 October, around the continuing crisis in the health service, ELLA O'DWYER talks to Dublin City Councillor and Sinn Féin general election candidate Larry O'Toole about how the problem is affecting his constituents in Dublin North East. Free article

Clock ticking on economy over-reliant on construction sector

12 October 2006

Have you ever tried counting the cranes on the Dublin skyline? The construction boom is to be seen everywhere. Around 254,000 people in the 26 Counties work in the construction sector. That's almost 13% of the overall workforce, or more than one in every eight workers. It is the highest percentage in the EU. The construction sector accounts for 23% of the state's GDP, compared to an EU average of about 12%. The exchequer is heavily dependent on the construction sector for revenue, including revenue from VAT on building materials. The ESRI and even the IMF have raised concerns about this over-dependence. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin

12 October 2006

The period leading up to 24 November will present challenges to the leadership of all the political parties but none more so than Ian Paisley. He has arrived at the pivotal stage of his long political career. He now faces a similar challenge to that which has confronted every Unionist leader from Terence O'Neill to David Trimble, as each of them too were forced to look over their shoulders at the irreconcilables in their own party as they nudged unionism tentatively along the road of reform. Unfortunately when it came to the moment of decision in the journey of change each of them in turn capitulated to the rejectionists of change within their own constituency. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

12 October 2006

There is a 1932 film about a boxer called Jimmy Nolan starring, if that is not putting it too strongly, Regis Toomey. Regis who? Indeed, you may well ask. Perhaps if I tell you that he also starred as Detective Smiley North in the 1934 classic Murder on the Blackboard and as Ted Hall in the 1939 film Smashing the Spy Ring you will know who I am referring to. Free article

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Review - BBC documentary confronts Ludlow murderers

12 October 2006

On the 2 May 1976, 47-year-old Seamus Ludlow, from Dundalk, was abducted by unionist paramilitaries and murdered just outside the town. BBC television's Spotlight programme, broadcast on Tuesday 9 October covered the story and while not revealing much in the way of new information, gave us a fascinating insight into the characters of the alleged murderers as they were pursued, on camera and asked to comment on their alleged roles in the murder. Free article

Media View

12 October 2006

The 'crisis' over Bertie Ahern's gifts/loans/debt-of-honour petered out last week, with journalists frothing over an issue that, yet again, underlined the gulf between the media and the public. Free article

The Fifth Column

12 October 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article


12 October 2006

Is trua an duine nach bhfuil splanctha i ndiaidh rud éigin. Tá aithne agam ar fhear darb ainm Decco atá ag fail bháis faoi láthair le hailse. Free article

An Ghaeilge agus an Óige: Dúshlán agus Deis

12 October 2006

Scríobh Máirtín Ó Cadháin paimfléad tráth, Gluaiseacht na Gaeilge, Gluaiseacht ar Strae. An bhfuil cúrsaí athraithe ó shin i leith, i dtaca le óg-ghluaiseacht na Gaeilge ar aon nós? Creid nó ná creid ach tá cúig mhór-óg-eagraíochtaí Ghaeilge sa tír seo. Free article

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