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7 April 2005 Edition

Coping with a special needs child - one family's story

7 April 2005

It's almost a month now since the issue of children with special needs was thrown into the spotlight, after the five O'Hara children from Kells, four of whom have autism, were taken away from their family and put into care by social services. The children's parents had gone to the media with their heartbreaking story of trying to raise the children without state support and resources and spoke of how they were finding it hard to cope. Free article

Is an alternative government possible?

7 April 2005

EOIN O BROIN is Sinn Féin's Director of European Affairs. He is writing in a personal capacity. Free article

Two days in April - Remembering the Past

7 April 2005

On 10 April 1923, 82 years ago, Liam Lynch was shot by Pro-Treaty forces. General Liam Lynch, Chief of Staff, IRA, was born in Barnagurraha, County Limerick, in 1893. Lynch had commanded the Cork No 2 Brigade of the IRA during the ferocious days of the Tan War. He would eventually rise to command the 1st Southern Division, IRA. Free article

The 5th Column

7 April 2005

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Dúirt Siad...

7 April 2005

The week in quotes. Free article

Niall Naoi-Ghiallach

7 April 2005

Pope John Paul II may have come to Ireland in 1979 but many believe that Niall of the Nine Hostages was indirectly responsible for firstly bringing Christianity to our shores, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

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