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21 October 2004 Edition

Ireland high on agenda of European Social Forum

21 October 2004

The European Social Forum was held last week in London, from Friday up to the march against the war in Iraq on Sunday. Thousands of people attended the event from all over Europe, many of them making, finally, some usage out of the Millennium Dome at Greenwich by paying £10 for the weekend to sleep on the floor. The Irish involvement over the whole weekend was a high profile one, which began with welcoming speeches at Southwark Cathedral on the Thursday evening, in which Gerry Adams was one of the invited speakers. The overriding message from Adams was to ask the fundamental question of the couple of thousand present - what makes them feel that they can make a difference? Free article

No sound of the siren

21 October 2004

MARY NELIS takes the Policing Ombudsman to task for contradictory findings following complaints made after PSNI raids. Free article

Drugs and Travellers

21 October 2004

TravAct is a Traveller advocacy and education group based in Coolock, Dublin. DAVEY JOYCE is the first Traveller Drugs Prevention and Education Worker employed in Ireland. Free article

No way back for Aussies

21 October 2004

Most people who went to the trouble of either attending, or watching on television, last Sunday's International Rules match between Ireland and Australia will have been disappointed, writes MATT TREACY. For Irish people, the result will have been welcome although is it my imagination or do people not get anywhere as near excited about GAA players representing their country as their county, or club for that matter. Free article


21 October 2004

On 25 October 1920, 84 years ago, Terence MacSwiney died on hunger strike in Brixton jail. On 28 October 1976, 28 years ago, Sinn Féin Vice President Máire Drumm was shot dead in her hospital bed. Free article

Dúirt Siad...

21 October 2004

What they said this week... Free article

Trí Ghearradh ar an Ghaeilge!

21 October 2004

There have been three separate onslaughts on the Irish language within a week, relating to Lá, TV and the Gardaí, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

The 5th Column

21 October 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

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