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26 August 2004 Edition

Irish establishment recruits for British Army

26 August 2004

EARLIER this month, a quite shameful ceremony took place in a cemetery in Westport, County Mayo, when the Fianna Fáil Minister for Defence, Michael Smith, and the British Ambassador, Stewart Eldon, presided over a commemoration for a Mayo-born British soldier who won a Victoria Cross during the so-called Indian Mutiny of 1857. Free article

What will we do when the oil has gone?

26 August 2004

An Phoblacht's ROISIN DE ROSA examines the benefits of investing in wind power in a world of falling oil and gas reserves and rising prices for these fuels. Free article

Travellers and us

26 August 2004

It is quite clear that there is a huge gap in understanding of what life is like for Travellers, writes JIM GIBNEY Free article

Scottish independence closer than ever - Emergence of new pro-independence parties the key

26 August 2004

ALAN McCOMBES, National Policy Co-ordinator for the Scottish Socialist Party, replies to MICK DERRIG's article in last week's paper which argued that devolution has successfully defused the campaign for Scottish independence. Free article

In the light of the South - Done into English - Collected Translations by Pearse Hutchinson

26 August 2004

Two related myths are still peddled by certain opponents of efforts to support the Irish language and by some supporters of the EU superstate project. The first is that Irish in the education system is a hindrance to our children learning other European languages. The second is that to be critical of the EU project is to be anti-European. Free article

The 5th Column

26 August 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Spriocanna Domhanda

26 August 2004

KeepOurWord.org is part of Trócaire's awareness campaign that should make a difference to achieve world peace and end global poverty, writes AN DRAOI RUA. Free article

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