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26 August 2004 Edition

SAS ran Loughgall shoot-to-kill ambush - Orde admits RUC "abdicated responsibility"

26 August 2004

PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde has admitted to the family of one of the victims of the 1987 Loughgall massacre that the then RUC "abdicated their responsibility" for the operation to the British Army SAS. He also shocked relatives of IRA Volunteer Patrick Kelly, one of the nine shoot-to-kill victims, that he would have done exactly the same. Free article

Collusion victim's daughter invited to meet Clintons

26 August 2004

THE girl who touched the hearts of the world in 1995 with poignant words about her father Patrick Hamill, who was killed as a result of collusion, has been invited once again to meet with former US President Bill Clinton. Catherine Hamill was just eight years of age when she read out the welcoming message for Bill and Hillary Clinton at Mackies factory in November 1995. Free article

Why the truth about collusion is so crucial - By Pat Doherty

26 August 2004

BOTH governments have promised intensive negotiations in September, with the stated aim of resolving all outstanding issues to the full and faithful implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Free article


Not one to Crowe about success

26 August 2004

Just over two years ago, I was given my first assignment as an An Phoblacht journalist. My mission, as I chose to accept it, was to go over to Dawson Street and get some comments from the five newly elected Sinn Féin TDs as they prepared to make their historic entrance into Leinster House. Free article

Someone will be killed in racist attacks

26 August 2004

Anti-racist campaigners have warned that it is only a matter of time before someone is killed, after two Portuguese families were forced to move out of their Portadown homes following an upsurge in racist attacks by unionist paramilitaries across the Six Counties over the past few weeks. Free article

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