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29 July 2004 Edition

Clothes and the Man

29 July 2004

One of the highlights of any trip I manage to Dublin in recent times has been the quick stop off at one of the many new Afro or Asian or Chinese foodstores which have become a hallmark of modern Dublin. Tastes and smells and spices of the world have replaced the tastes and smells and very limited spices of Ireland of a generation ago. Free article

Féilte Lugh

29 July 2004

August has always been a great month for celebrations for the Celts, which all seem to originate as festivals in honour of Lugh, the king of the Celtic gods, writes AN DRAOI RUA. Free article

You are history, you are legend

29 July 2004

BY KEN KEABLE - These words echoed down the years and across the sea from Spain to Ireland on 9 July, when Waterford posthumously honoured and joyfully celebrated those who, in the 1930s, were officially reviled. Free article

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