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21 June 2001 Edition

MI5 guidelines point finger at British government

21 June 2001

If RUC Special Branch controlled the RUC and MI5 controlled the RUC Special Branch, then just how much did British government officials and ministers know about crown forces collusion with loyalist death squads? Free article

The price of power

21 June 2001

The public hearings of the Moriarty Tribunal ground to a halt this week amid bitter acrimony between the family of former ESAT founder and leading entrepreneur Denis O'Brien and the chairperson of the Moriarty Tribunal. Free article

Is your water safe to drink?

21 June 2001

The debate on the safety of adding fluoride to the Irish water supply is hotting up North and South. Here, UALTAR Ó GRÉACHÁIN puts the case for those who believe that water fluoridation is little more than mass poisoning. Free article

Smurfits in Colombia: Vandals or environmentalists?

21 June 2001

The presence of Colombian campaigner Nestor Ocampo at the Jefferson Smurfit Group's Annual General Meeting at the beginning of May highlighted the impact of globalisation and multinational companies on the livelihoods of communities in developing countries. This was not the first time the complaints of those affected by the Smurfit Group's activities in Colombia have been heard in Ireland. Three years ago, two representatives of the Paez Indigenous communities travelled to Dublin to inform people about a land dispute with Smurfit's Cartón de Colombia (SCC). Free article

Stailc Ocrais sa Tuirc

21 June 2001

Cé go bhfuil 23 duine marbh anois dá bharr stailc ocrais sa Tuirc, is cosúil nach bhfuil iarthar na hEorpa ná institúidí idirnáisiúnta tuillteanach aird a thabhairt ar na fadhbanna thall go fóill. Free article

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