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21 June 2001 Edition

Arms issue will not be resolved by unionist ultimatums or on British terms - IRA

21 June 2001

In a briefing with An Phoblacht, a spokesperson for Óglaigh na hÉireann has rebuffed claims by senior British and Irish politicians that the IRA is responsible for the present impasse in the peace process. Free article

Ardoyne school under loyalist siege

21 June 2001

Violent clashes have erupted in north Belfast for two nights after a standoff developed over a loyalist blockade of Holy Cross primary school on the Ardoyne Road. Free article

Molloy and Barr elected as Maskey waits

21 June 2001

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has expressed his delight at the election of party colleague Francie Molloy as chairperson of Dungannon Council on Monday night. The Sinn Féin councillor took the post, the first time for his party, with Derek Irwin of the Ulster Unionist Party elected as deputy. Free article

New move against plastic bullets

21 June 2001

Relatives and campaigners against the use of plastic bullets are seeking a judicial review of the British government's decision to introduce a new, even more lethal plastic bullet in the Six Counties. A High Court application will be lodged within the next two weeks in the name of Jim McCabe, whose wife Nora was killed by a plastic bullet in 1981. Free article


American group backs Finucane inquiry call

21 June 2001

The influential National Committee on American Foreign Policy has backed calls for an independent public inquiry into the killing of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane. The National Committee called on the British government to set up a full judicial investigation in to the 1989 killing after hearing from his widow, Geraldine Finucane and former law partner Peter Madden. Free article

Bloody Sunday Inquiry

21 June 2001

In a written statement submitted to the Saville Inquiry, a former British soldier has said that his unit was ordered to shoot demonstrators on Bloody Sunday. The soldier, identified only as INQ1952, a former Royal Fusilier, says that his section was told that they were to ``clear the street''. In his statement, the soldier also says that his unit was told to shoot and kill demonstrators whether or not the march passed off peacefully. These orders, he continues, were said to have come ``from Downing Street''. Free article

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