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4 November 1999 Edition

The value of work

4 November 1999

Wages, salaries, pay - call it what you will, it is the one economic issue that is defining the late 1990s. In a European society driven by the ideology of free markets and systematic cutting of public services, your take home wage is the true gauge of your value to society and its rewards to you. Free article

HB to boycott Spanish elections

4 November 1999

On Saturday 30 October, during a meeting of 3,839 delegates of the Basque pro-independence left-wing coalition Herri Batasuna, it was decided not to contest the Spanish general election, scheduled for April 2000. The decision was supported by 83% of delegates, representing 180 local groups from Hegoalde (the area of the Basque Country under Spanish rule). Free article

Cén Córas Polaitiúil?

4 November 1999

Ina dhiaidh an líon fíor bheag vótóirí a tháinig amach an tseachtain seo chuaigh thart tá an Draoi Rua ag smaoineamh go bhfuil sé in am dúinn córas níos ionadaí a thabhairt i bhfeidhm. Free article

Sportsview: Kerry exploit rebel hangover

4 November 1999

TO BE or not to be taken seriously was the big question on everyone's lips on the opening day of the National Football League. Free article

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Back issue: Nothing New from Atkins

4 November 1999

AFTER MONTHS of finding his feet, and after weeks of long negotiations with political parties in the North, direct ruler Humphrey Atkins unveiled the long-awaited British government initiative to the House of Commons on 25 October. And when the curtain was finally opened nothing new was there. Free article

New in print

4 November 1999

The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion and The Splendid Blond Beast Free article

Dúirt siad...

4 November 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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