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4 November 1999 Edition

Death, denial and Ballymoney

4 November 1999

Garfield Gilmour murdered the three Quinn children because they were Catholics. He wasn't alone. Other men, named by Gilmour as accomplices, still remain free. The murder was sectarian. Free article

Narrow escape for family

4 November 1999

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has described a bomb attack on the home of leading Belfast republican Liam Shannon as a ``transparent attempt to wreck the peace process''. Free article

Frustration mounts

4 November 1999

Republican and nationalist frustration at the continued failure to find a way forward in implementing the Good Friday Agreement continues to mount as the Mitchell Review approaches a conclusion. Free article

Out of the ashes

4 November 1999

One of the most instantly recognisable symbols of West Belfast, the Bobby Sands Mural at the corner of Sevastapol Street and the Falls Road, has temporarily disappeared. Free article


From victim to victor

4 November 1999

TRAUMA must be ``acknowledged, reverenced and recognised'', says African National Congress (ANC) chaplain Michael Lapsley, describing his personal journey in South Africa from victimhood to survivor and on to victor. Free article

Families seek truth after 25 years

4 November 1999

WHY DID RUC officers who recognised the UDR checkpoint as a ``fake'' when they were illegally stopped by loyalists 45 minutes before a double sectarian murder do nothing to challenge the masquerading gang? Free article

Research shows high cancer along Irish Sea coast

4 November 1999

Recent research into cancers on the Irish Sea coast of Wales has produced startling results. Independent researchers Green Audit, headed by Dr. Chris Busby, have found large increases in all cancers in a narrow strip, 800 metres wide, along the Welsh coast. Free article

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