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4 June 1998 Edition

British government must live up to commitments

4 June 1998

Since the Good Friday Agreement the attitudes and approach of the British government on a number of issues have been of deep concern to nationalists. Of late there were signs that the British were acceding to unionist pressure to to renegotiate the Agreement on unionist terms. Free article

The Battle of Ballynahinch

4 June 1998

Marcas Mac Ruairi chronicles the battle which ended the United Irish Rebellion in Ulster 200 years ago next week Free article

The hearts of Down

4 June 1998

Sean O'Duifin visited Saintfield where, on 9 June 1798, the only major defeat inflicted by the rebels on the British during the United Irishmen's rebellion in Ulster took place. Free article

Choices for all

4 June 1998

It was a great day for democracy, the day the Fitzwilton Group decided it was going to contribute to the ``democratic process'' in the 26 Counties. Free article

The rocky road to equality

4 June 1998

Thirty years ago, a cavalcade of cars, led by middle class Derry nationalists, and ferrying the less well-off working class of the city, made its way over the Glenshane Pass and through the torturous roads to Toome and thence to Belfast. Free article

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``I'' for Ireland nó ``É'' do Éire

4 June 1998

Cuir Trevor Sargent, Teachtaí Dála den Chomhaontas Glas, ceist don Aire Gnóthaí Eachtracha le deanaí, ag iarraidh cén fáth go bhfuil Éire cláraithe go h-idirnáisiúnta faoin litir ``I'' do Ireland in ionad ``É'' do Éire. Free article

Workers in struggle: Privatisation train set to roll

4 June 1998

What will lead to less jobs, more wages and perks for executives, a worse service for consumers and the transfer of Irish resources into the hands of foreign multinationals? One answer - privatisation. Free article

Sportsview: A `sort of' victory

4 June 1998

A sort of ``fudge'' was the outcome to the Special GAA Conference on Rule 21 held behind closed doors last weekend in Dublin. The decision to delete the rule was deferred by the GAA Central Council as the two-thirds majority required was not forthcoming. A compromise motion was accepted by the gathering. The compromise was to delete the rule after ``effective steps are taken to implement the amended structures and policing arrangements envisaged in the British-Irish agreement''. Free article

Back issue: A secure foundation

4 June 1998

As we enter the twenty-second month of the most heroic and intense republican prison struggle this century the prisoners today are as determined as Kieran Nugent all those months ago when he said ``they will have to nail the prison uniform on my back''. Free article

New in print

4 June 1998

Anger's Violin, The Protest Business, The Third Revoluton: Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era and Invincible Green Suburb, Brave New Towns Free article

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