4 June 1998 Edition

Schoolboy battered

4 June 1998

A young nationalist schoolboy was attacked by two men as he waited for a bus on the Antrim Road, Belfast, at 5.00pm on Monday 25 May. Free article

Phone masts signal Big Brother future

4 June 1998

A collaboration between the telecommunications company ESAT and the Garda is bringing George Orwell's high-tech, totalitarian future closer to home. Free article

Whitewell onslaught continues

4 June 1998

Last weekend Nationalists were again under sustained attack in the Whitewell area of North Belfast when a mob of 50 loyalists tore down an iron fence in an attempt to attack Catholic homes. A second fence prevented them running amok through the estate, but several homes were damaged by bricks and rocks. Free article

Wexford 1798 Commemoration

4 June 1998

Pat Doherty represented Sinn Féin at the re-enacting of the 1798 Wexford Senate last week, organised to commemorate the bicentenial of the United Irishmen's rising. Free article

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