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4 June 1998 Edition

RUC provoked Garvaghy trouble

4 June 1998

An Phoblacht has learned that the RUC told the Parades Commission that last Saturday's Junior Orange Order parade on Portadown's Garvaghy Road was non-contentious, despite it having a history of trouble. Free article

The RUC: Dishonest - Discredited - Disband It

4 June 1998

The Lower Ormeau Residents Action Group have called on Unionist and Loyalist politicians in the Donegall Pass area of Belfast to act before attacks by loyalist mobs cause serious injury or death to people using the Lower Ormeau Road. Free article

Rights, Justice, Equality

4 June 1998

In a keynote address to The American Irish Historical Society in New York on 27 May 1998 Gerry Adams spelled out what changes must now be implemented as a result of the Good Friday Document Free article

Sinn Féin Youth meet in Newry

4 June 1998

Newry, Co Down, was the setting for last weekend's SFY conference entitled Republicanism Today. A considerable turnout of young republicans from Dublin, Belfast, Leitrim, Armagh, Down and other regions throughout the 32 counties gathered for the event, to discuss the general strategies and policies which young republicans believe essential to the development of their struggle. Free article


Tour of the North tension mounts

4 June 1998

With the contentious `Tour of the North' Orange parade due to go through nationalist communities in North Belfast in two weeks time residents have called on the RUC and the Parades Commission to say whether or not the Orange march is to be allowed through. Free article

Recruitment attempt exposed

4 June 1998

An attempt last week by British Intelligence to recruit a taxi driver from the Markets area of Belfast failed when the man was advised by a Sinn Fein worker to go public. Free article

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