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12 February 1998 Edition

Same old SDLP analysis

12 February 1998

If you listen to Hume and Mallon this week you could be forgiven for believing that the conflict in Ireland was nothing more than a quarrel between neighbours, devoid of any external interference, which could be resolved through a process of negotiation and agreement. Free article

Sshh, you'll wake the children

12 February 1998

This week there was shock horror at revelations of how today's teens are doing lines and drawing lines. Free article

Pesticides kill banana workers

12 February 1998

At first glance, the workers on the northern Atlantic coast of Honduras appeared to have fallen foul of a bizarre and gruesome new epidemic. Free article

Tógann an tAonach trophaí Glór na nGael

12 February 1998

AITHNIODH dian obair grúpaí cultúrtha fud fad na hÉireann Dé Mháirt nuair a d'fhógair Glór na nGael torthaí an chomórtais `97. Free article

Workers in struggle: Ryanair strike escalates

12 February 1998

Finally after weeks of hedging, denial and disinformation Ryanair chief executive Maurice O'Leary broke his silence on the dispute at the company and took to the airwaves to make his case. Free article

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Sportsview: Reds need to keep their nerve

12 February 1998

What a turn around in the fortunes of Cliftonville Football Club. From finishing at the wrong end of the inaugural Premier Division last season to their long-suffering fans' buses being attacked by a Billy Wright-orchestrated loyalist mob in Portadown, the club is now sitting pretty on the top of the Six-County Irish League. Free article

Back issue: Workers fight for jobs

12 February 1998

The past week has provided little comfort for Irish workers with the announcement of staggering unemployment figures - 187,000 in the twenty-six counties and 116,000 in the six counties. Despite the seeming futility in opposing the growing trend of unemployment, some workers refuse to give up without a fight. Free article


12 February 1998

Binlids: The Show Goes On and Kila - not taking it easy Free article

Television: You're Gorgeous

12 February 1998

The first time I became aware of diet food was as a gawky thirteen year old in Limerick, when I witnessed four rotund Americans ordering four super large pizzas and four ``diet cokes''. Free article

Editor's desk

12 February 1998

Mo Mowlam was in Dublin last week on a PR exercise, including the obligatory appearance on the Late Late Show.

But all didn't go smoothly.

Mowlam was subjected to the kind of boorish behaviour which Dubliners are growing used to (or which Mowlam is used to when she meets Unionists at the Stormont talks) when she ran into two young male visitors from England. She was having a drink... Free article

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