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12 February 1998 Edition

The rush to judgement

12 February 1998

The hypocrisy of Unionists was laid bare this week in the wake of the shooting to death of a prominent loyalist and a drug dealer in Belfast. Unionist MP Martin Smyth issued an immediate statement accusing the IRA and calling for the removal of Sinn Féin from the talks. When eight Catholics were killed last month, some by the UDA in his own constituency, no such statements were issued. Free article

Death of Paddy McManus

12 February 1998

VETERAN Sinn Fein Councillor Paddy McManus, popularly known as Paddy Mac, died peacefully on Monday afternoon after a short illness. Free article

US advisor held by Crown forces

12 February 1998

A SENIOR member of the US government was harassed and detained by the Crown Forces last Friday. Free article

Support for all-Ireland waste strategy

12 February 1998

Earthwatch, Friends of the Earth and NI2000 speak at Sinn Féin conference Free article


Same old SDLP analysis

12 February 1998

If you listen to Hume and Mallon this week you could be forgiven for believing that the conflict in Ireland was nothing more than a quarrel between neighbours, devoid of any external interference, which could be resolved through a process of negotiation and agreement. Free article

Undercover operation exposed

12 February 1998

New information has confirmed that the undercover British soldier who shot and seriously wounded an RUC man in North Belfast on 14 January was carrying out surveillance on Ardoyne republicans. Free article

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