12 February 1998 Edition

Kelly counters Mallon

12 February 1998

SINN Féin talks negotiator Gerry Kelly struck a raw nerve with the SDLP this week when he accused its Deputy leader Seamus Mallon of favouring the failed approach of marginalisation. Free article

Mowlam wishing on a star

12 February 1998

AFTER weeks of slaughter of nationalists, during which the RUC covered up who was responsible, the British government has launched a document on the future of policing in the Six Counties. Free article

Informer attempt

12 February 1998

A Catholic man from Carnlough was the latest target of an RUC attempt to recruit informers. In a classic `approach' attempt the man was asked to supply information after he was arrested in the North Antrim town and taken to Ballymena RUC Barracks. There they tried to coerce him into giving information and mentioned the fact that he had been in jail before. Free article

Growing US support for Cearta

12 February 1998

THE last three weeks have seen the continued rise in American support for Cearta, the pressure group set up to campaign for human rights for Six County nationalists. Free article

Growing heroin problem outside Dublin

12 February 1998

Young people in some areas of Counties Monaghan, Cavan and Meath are now ``chasing the dragon'' - smoking heroin - in a serious extension of a crisis that was for long confined to the capital. Free article

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Sinn Féin win prompts change in Omagh

12 February 1998

SINN Féin's recent win in the Omagh by-election - which means they are now the largest party on Omagh council - has led to a sudden change in SDLP outlook. Free article

Covering up dirty deeds

12 February 1998

Robert Allen in Missouri digs up a toxic waste scandal Free article

Felons harassment continues

12 February 1998

The RUC vendetta against the Felons Club continued this week with further harassment of the Association's former secretary. Free article

Hamill family harassed again

12 February 1998

SOLICITOR Rosemary Nelson has described as outrageous the arrest of a brother of Robert Hamill who was beaten to death by loyalists in Portadown last year. Free article

McBride's killers set for Army return

12 February 1998

Reports that the two Scots Guards who murdered Peter McBride in Belfast in 1992 would be welcomed back into the British army have shocked his relatives. Major David Walter of the Scots Guard Association is quoted as saying, ``the regiment would be pleased to welcome them back. They are still serving soldiers.'' This also raises the question of whether the two, James Fisher and Mark Wright, are getting wages and receiving pensions despite serving sentences for murder. Free article

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