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12 February 1998 Edition

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Back issue: Workers fight for jobs

The past week has provided little comfort for Irish workers with the announcement of staggering unemployment figures - 187,000 in the twenty-six counties and 116,000 in the six counties. Despite the seeming futility in opposing the growing trend of unemployment, some workers refuse to give up without a fight.

Workers in Clondalkin paper mills have, after fourteen months of occupation, lobbying and marches, demonstrated the power of a united workforce by forcing the Dublin government to concede their demand that the mills be re-opened by the state.

Clondalkin's fight began in November 1981 when the plant was placed in voluntary liquidation. Unions in the factory described this move as an exercise in ``commercial expediency'' and argued that the business was viable and had in fact proved profitable, on average, over the previous six years. They pointed out the ``strategic importance of this industry to the Irish economy'' with Clondalkin being the only mill of its kind in the country. Closure, they said, would lead to a dependence on imported paper and the risk of shortages in the future.

An Phoblacht/Republician News 10 February 1983

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