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19 June 1997 Edition

Nor meekly serve me lamb

19 June 1997

There was no other traffic on the road. It was early morning. The sun was behind me making for pleasant driving. The prospect of a warm sunny day lay ahead though the air still held a sharp nip. Free article

Apartheid plan for Palestine

19 June 1997

It appears that Israel's Binyamin Netanyahu is composing a cunning plan to guarantee peace in his time. Unfortunately, it also appears that the object of Premier Netanyahu's conciliatory overtures is not the Palestinians, but elements within his own fractious cabinet. Free article

An tOireachtas i stair na hEireann

19 June 1997

Tá Oireachtas na Gaeilge céad bliain d'aois i mbliana agus mar chuid den chomóradh tá leabhar beag cuimhneacháin curtha in eagar ag Proinsias MacAonghusa, ar na foilsiú ag Conradh na Gaeilge féin. Free article

Workers in struggle

19 June 1997

A gas story and EU Treaty sham Free article

Sportsview: Dublin culchies

19 June 1997

I've oft' been queried, harassed and even abused by fellow countrymen for cheering for ``them Jackeens above in Dublin''. Free article

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Remembering the Past: Sir Henry Wilson executed

19 June 1997

Often in history, and in politics, plans are overtaken by events. This could be said of the execution by two IRA Volunteers of the British military advisor to Sir James Craig's Stormont parliament in 1922. Shot dead on the steps of his home, his death has been associated with the Free State's decision to attack the republican garrison in the Four Courts, thus setting the Civil War in train in earnest. Free article

Back issue: `It's your victory'

19 June 1997

``It's your victory, it's your election, it's your seat,'' Gerry Adams MP told hundreds of jubilant supporters on the Falls Road on Friday afternoon. Free article

New in print

19 June 1997

Review of Development - New Paradigms and Principles for the Twenty-first century. Promoting Development - Effective Global Institutions for the Twenty-first Century Beyond the Politics of `Law and Order' - Towards community policing in Ireland Free article

Television: How TV learned to tell the news

19 June 1997

When television started in the United States, just after the war, the two big networks, CBS and NBC, had to hire people with no broadcasting experience to work on the news. Their own radio news journalists didn't think television would last and refused to leave their jobs. Free article

Editor's desk

19 June 1997

In light of the dismal performances from Democratic Left and the Labour Party in the Leinster House elections, a Donegal reader sends me this little gem of a poem by HL Dixon which first appeared in the 1920s. It's called The Labour Fakir:

Oh, he preached it from the housetops,
And he whispered it by stealth,
He wrote whole miles of stuff against
The awful curse of wealth.
He... Free article

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