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19 June 1997 Edition

SF exclusion won't work

19 June 1997

In the wake of the killing of two RUC members by the IRA in Lurgan there has been talk of proceeding to negotiations without Sinn Féin. Free article

Patrick Kelly - killed by British neglect

19 June 1997

Patrick Kelly was 45 on 12 April this year. Many another former republican prisoner has been released at such an age and has gone on to live a full and active life. But Pat Kelly was released to die and it was the deliberate neglect of the British Home Office which led to his death. Free article

IRA claims Lurgan attack

19 June 1997

THE FIRST MEMBERS OF THE RUC to be killed by Oglaigh na hEireann since the IRA resumed military operations on 9 February last year had been under surveillance for a number of weeks, according to an IRA statement. The two were killed in a well planned operation in the small market town of Lurgan in County Armagh on Monday 16 June. Free article

Drugs protests continue in North Belfast

19 June 1997

Community leaders, political representatives and concerned residents came together last week, in North Belfast to protest against the increasing availability of drugs in the local Waterworks Recreation Park. Speaking at the rally, Sinn Fein councillor Bobby Lavery attacked the RUC, ``whose barracks is only metres away, and yet they turn a blind eye''. He also called on all those concerned to work together to make the Waterworks safe for ``all our children''. Free article


Hebron riots show Oslo II failure

19 June 1997

Special report by Michael Browne in Hebron Free article

Boy arrested for speaking Irish

19 June 1997

At the very moment RUC Chief Constable Ronnie Flanagan was telling a Donegal Summer School that the need for an understanding of cultural diversity was built into all RUC training courses, the RUC in Derry were arresting a 12 year old Irish-speaking child for giving his name in Irish. Free article

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