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6 June 1997 Edition

Unpicking the kingdom

6 June 1997

As the British government prepares to launch its devolution policy in Scotland and Wales, Nick Martin-Clarke argues that republicans should look more closely at the British constitution. Free article

Three summers pass

6 June 1997

Despite the flawed talks at Stormont Mícheál MacDonncha argues that the potential for change is massive Free article

Where election fever can be fatal

6 June 1997

As part of its campaign to destabilise Sandinista Nicaragua in the 1980s, the United States repeatedly called on the country's leaders to hold what they termed ``free and fair elections.'' Free article

Bíodh ``puinn foighde'' ann le bochtaineacht!

6 June 1997

Thagair Mark Twain do ``lies, damn lies and statistics.'' Chum Winston Chruchill an nath ``terminological inexactitude'' agus chaith Anne Widdecombe ``unsustainabilities'' lena comhghleacaí Michael Howard. Is iomaí cur síos atá ar an mbréag. Free article

Sportsview: Oh! Revolution!

6 June 1997

It's great to be a Daddy but when there's canvassing to be done and the baby needs changing, Daddy has to stay at home, make the bottles and watch Eastenders. One has to limit one's revolutionary activities to reading Ivor Callely's election leaflets and writing about cricket for An Phoblacht. Free article

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Remembering the Past: Battle of Limeridge

6 June 1997

Throughout history we have learnt of the brave men and women who did whatever they could to strike a blow for the freedom of Ireland. Among the bravest was Colonel John O'Neill who a year prior to the Fenian Rising in Ireland took on British forces abroad. Free article

Back issue: Election worker shot

6 June 1997

Only a week after the sectarian shooting and serious wounding of Belfast Sinn Féin's chairperson, Alex Maskey, loyalist gunmen again shot and wounded a Sinn Féin election worker in a betting office in the Markets area of South Belfast. Free article

New in print

6 June 1997

The Chartists and The Captive Voice/An Glór Gafa Free article

Television: Diet Fine Gael debates the Thatcherite axe-vixen

6 June 1997

Spurred on by their own boredom and schadenfreude, many readers will have tuned in to Prime Time (RTE, weeknights, 9.30) to watch Dick Spring and Mary Harney attack one another. They got a special treat before the ``debate'' even began - Prionsias De Rossa stuck in a hole, digging. Free article

Editor's desk

6 June 1997

Some candidates will do anything to get votes. Labour TD in Dublin North East Seán Kenny agreed to be a judge in a talent competition in a local pub last Sunday night but little did he know what he was in for.

After a week of encountering many new republican voters on the doorsteps Seán settled down for what he thought would be a relaxing evening. His face dropped when one of the... Free article

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