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6 June 1997 Edition

Vote Sinn Féin for real change

6 June 1997

Once more the polls are set to open and once more Sinn Féin is set to make significant gains. Free article

Sinn Féin impressed by South African experience

6 June 1997

Martin McGuinness has described last weekend's conflict resolution conference in South Africa as ``one of the most memorable experiences of my life''. He told An Phoblacht that ``none of the parties who took part will be unaffected by it''. Free article

All changed in Belfast

6 June 1997

The sea change that occurred in Ireland's second largest city after the local government elections was dramatically reflected in the first council meeting of Belfast City Council last Monday 2 June. The first nationalist Lord Mayor of Belfast was elected after Sinn Féin's 13 councillors voted in support of SDLP councillor Alban Maginness, leaving the DUP's Harry Smith trailing by four votes. Free article

RUC target community worker

6 June 1997

A worried North Belfast community worker has supplied details to An Phoblacht of a sinister approach by RUC Special Branch agents operating out of Antrim Road RUC barracks. The man, who does not wish to be named, told how he was lured to the barracks after being told his personal details were in the hands of loyalist death squads. Free article


IRA placed mine on patrol route

6 June 1997

Oglaigh na hEireann's Belfast Brigade has said in a supplied statement that its Volunteers left a huge landmine at Poleglass near West Belfast last weekend. Free article

Armagh councillors slam RUC

6 June 1997

Sinn Féin councillors Sean McGirr and Noel Sheridan from Armagh City have accused the RUC of terrorising school children and assaulting two people in the city over the last few days. Free article

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