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24 April 1997 Edition

Tyrants on lesser charges

24 April 1997

Noam Chomsky - the man the US establishment does its best to ignore because they can't answer the questions he poses - was once asked his opinion of Richard Nixon's fall from grace over the Watergate affair. Watergate, you'll remember, had to do with the illegal bugging of political opponents' meetings, secret slush funds and political dirty tricks. In short, the sort of activity that keeps most governments busy, off the streets and out of more serious trouble. Free article

Cosc ar pharáid Ormeau

24 April 1997

D'fhogair an CRU ar an Máirt seo caite go bhfuil cosc ar pharáid dílseach a bhí eagraithe don Domhnach seo chugainn ar Bhóthar Ormeau. Chuir Grúpa Chomhphobail an Ormeau Iochtarach (GCOI) fáilte roimh an chosc. Free article

Sportsview: Candy for Felix

24 April 1997

Rumour has it that Eamonn McCann has given up on the Socialist Workers Movement. Is it any wonder when the Derry City FC revolution was much more likely to happen? The ``Swimmies'' revolution is due in about a thousand years time but Derry City's last uprising was only eight years ago. They did have a remarkable resemblance to a branch of the ``Swimmies'' in the early days with the speed with which they found and then lost young comrades for the CandyStripes. In fairness to Eamonn, he's been one of Derry's most consistent supporters and has always been one of their leading comrades. Free article

Remembering the Past: Arthur O'Connor

24 April 1997

Arthur O'Connor, one of the most influential leaders of the Untied Irishmen, was born in Cork in 1760. Free article

Television: Telling it like it is

24 April 1997

For smug, polished, facile pointscoring, Questions & Answers (RTE1, Mondays, 10.15 pm) is usually close to the nadir. The programme now has a set-piece feel to it. The questions are fixed, chosen in advance; the answers are predictable; and the whole thing is pre-recorded, for fear that something of which RTE does not approve might go out live. Free article

Editor's desk

24 April 1997

In February I brought to your notice the case of Celtic McCarthyite censorship when the Celtic Supporters Social Club in Glasgow's London Road cancelled a showing of Martin Meehan's play, Insurrection. The play, about James Connolly was deemed to be against Celtic's Bhoys Against Bigotry campaign.

The play's organisers sued and now I can report a successful outcome. Just minutes... Free article

Dúirt siad...

24 April 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

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