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24 April 1997 Edition

Here we go

24 April 1997

We have entered the final week in what has been described as the most vital election in the Six Counties since Partition. Free article

Hope and expectation

24 April 1997

Gerry Adams tells Ard Fheis to imagine a future of equality and freedom through negotiations Free article

Business as usual despite loyalist attacks

24 April 1997

Sinn Fein chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin has vowed that loyalists will not deter the party in its work or deflect it from its aims. McLaughlin, the party's candidate in Foyle, was speaking after a loyalist bomb exploded outside the party's office on the Racecourse Road in Derry. Free article

IRA brings Britain to a halt

24 April 1997

A SERIES OF IRA BOMBS AND BOMB SCARES carried out across England since Friday 18 April brought major transport links, including some of the most important road, rail and air transport facilities in England, to a standstill. Free article


Phantom Loyalist ceasefire

24 April 1997

Official Unionist Party security spokesperson, Ken Maginnis told journalists last week that the loyalist ceasefire is still intact, and warned that a strong Sinn Féin turnout in the forthcoming election could place that ceasefire in jeopardy. Free article

Back issue: Stephen McConomy murdered

24 April 1997

``My son is just an empty shell, his brain is dead, all I want now is to bring him home.'' Those were the words of Mrs Marie McConomy in the intensive care unit of Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) on Monday afternoon shortly after she had given doctors permission to turn off her 11-year-old son Stephen's life support system. Free article

Life tariff overturned

24 April 1997

Republican POWs Paul Kavanagh and Thomas Quigley are said to be delighted at a ruling at Belfast High Court that overturned a decision by the British Home Secretary Michael Howard that the life sentences being served by both men would mean natural life. Free article

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