29 June 2000 Edition

No letup in child poverty

29 June 2000

Western states are quick to set development and economic standards for other countries, but life in the USA, Europe and Japan is not easy for all. The latest report from UNICEF reveals that the families of more than 47 million children, who live in the ``rich'' western world, cannot guarantee their health and/or well being. The report points out that one in every six children in Europe, USA and Japan lives in poverty. Free article

Crowley presentation in Cork

29 June 2000

June Crowley, sister of IRA Volunteer Dermot Crowley, received a presentation from the Vols Ahern/Crowley Sinn Féin Cumann this week. Free article

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President questions constitutionality of `Trafficking' Bill

29 June 2000

And 58 people died. By the middle of the week no one was really interested anymore. They were really only interested in Snakesheads, Triads, smuggling routes and $7 billion profits. And so the story died too. They were, after all, `illegals', probably Chinese, and with that died what some might remember as Jack Straw's radical pretensions, and New Labour snuggled up covertly with the deranged mentality of William Haig's refugee toryism. Free article

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