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29 June 2000 Edition

Views from the hill

29 June 2000

Ruth Dudley Edwards was born and brought up in Dublin. She read history at University College Dublin and was a postgraduate at Girton College, Cambridge. She went on to become a civil servant and later, a freelance writer and journalist. ``The Faithful Tribe'' is published by Harper Collins and priced at £17.99. Free article

Little hope for change in Mexico

29 June 2000

There is a week left to the presidential and congressional elections in Mexico and predictions are still uncertain. Most political analysts agree that the more leftist PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution) clearly has no chance this time and that it's going to be relegated to third place behind the PRI [Party of Institutionalised Revolution, which has ruled for 70 years now] or the PAN (National Action Party). Free article

Rúin na gCat

29 June 2000

Is ainmhíthe rúnda iad na cait a deir an Draoi Rua agus é ag scaoileadh le cuid dá rúin. Free article

Sportsview: Omagh Council to honour football champions

29 June 2000

Omagh Council has agreed to hold a special reception in honour of the triumphant Tyrone Under 21 football team that lifted last month's All-Ireland title. Free article

Back issue: IRA blast Tory bastion

29 June 2000

In claiming responsibility for the bombing of the British Tory Carlton Club in London and in an exclusive interview with An Phoblacht this week, the IRA says it has ``brought the war directly to those who keep the British Army on the streets and in the fields of Ireland''. The IRA has also pointed out clearly to the British policy makers whose bastion was blasted this week that the path to peace is open to them if they end their military occupation of the Six Counties. Free article

New in print: Lapsed Catholic remembers why

29 June 2000

Oracles of God: The Roman Catholic Church and Irish Politics 1922-1937 By Patrick Murray University College Dublin Press Free article

Dúirt siad...

29 June 2000

The week in quotes.... Free article

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