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29 June 2000 Edition

IRA's historic boost for Peace Process

29 June 2000

The IRA gave a significant boost to the peace process this week with an historic and unprecedented initiative. It was revealed in a statement from Óglaigh na hÉireann that agreed international inspectors Martti Ahtisaari and Cyril Ramaphosa have been allowed inspect arms dumps belonging to the IRA. Free article

Fears of sectarian intimidation grow in Portadown

29 June 2000

As the first Orange Drumcree parade, to be held on 2 July, draws closer, fears of sectarian intimidation and attacks are growing within the nationalist community in Portadown. Free article

``A terrible atrocity''

29 June 2000

The families of three unarmed IRA Volunteers shot dead by the British SAS in disputed circumstances in 1978 are calling for the full facts to be acknowledged by the British government. ``We only want the truth,'' said Margaret Brown, mother of Volunteer Dennis Brown. Free article

Sinister moves in the Short Strand

29 June 2000

A resident from the Short Strand area of Belfast believes he inadvertently disturbed an undercover operation by the British Army. Free article


Sligo Corpo set to elect Sinn Féin Mayor

29 June 2000

Sligo Corporation is set to elect a Sinn Féin mayor at its AGM on Monday when the present deputy mayor, Alderman Sean MacManus, will be nominated for the position. If elected as expected, it will be the first time that Sinn Féin has held the position of mayor anywhere in the 26 Counties since 1967 when, ironically, the late Councillor Norbert Ferguson was elected mayor of Sligo. Free article

Loyalist paramilitaries and the Orange Order

29 June 2000

West Belfast residents have called for an Orange Order march scheduled for the Twelfth to be rerouted away from nationalist homes after loyalist paramilitaries, dressed in military style clothing and carrying UDA and UFF flags, were filmed accompanying Orangemen during a controversial march along the Springfield Road. Free article

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