26 June 1997 Edition

Adams urges vigilance

26 June 1997

With the news that over a dozen Belfast people have been told by the RUC that loyalist death squads have their personal details, Gerry Adams has urged caution and increased vigilance. Free article

Duffy being ``stitched up''

26 June 1997

Friends of Collie Duffy, the Lurgan man charged with killing two RUC men in Lurgan last Monday 16 June, say he is being held on the evidence of a woman they describe as ``suggestible'' who has been pressurised into making a witness statement. Free article

Masses cancelled

26 June 1997

The pressure of 42 weeks of loyalist protest at Our Lady's chapel in Harryville has resulted in parish priest, Father Sean Connolly, cancelling Saturday evening services for the summer. Free article

Freedom for one of Casement Three

26 June 1997

Pat Kane, one of the Casement Three, was released from jail last week. 39 year old Kane was imprisoned for life in 1990 following the killing of two British soldiers, Derek Wood and David Howes. The British soldiers were attacked by mourners then shot by the IRA after they drove into the funeral of Caoimhín MacBradaigh who was murdered by loyalist killer Michael Stone in Milltown cemetery a week earlier during the funerals of Volunteers Mairead Farrell, Dan McCann and Sean Savage. Free article

Shanahan enquiry finds collusion

26 June 1997

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights will be asked to intervene in the case of Patrick Shanahan, a Sinn Féin election worker murdered six years ago by the UFF. Free article

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Irish Centre stand-off

26 June 1997

SIX MEMBERS OF THE Liverpool Irish Centre co-operative which has been closed by receivers acting on behalf of Scottish Courage brewery have spent the last week on the roof of the building as part of a peaceful protest against the closure. Free article

Anti-Catholic posters ``understandable'' - MP

26 June 1997

Sinn Féin councillor for South Belfast, Sean Hayes, has accused Unionist MP for the area, Martin Smyth, of ``implicitly supporting loyalists engaged in an anti-Catholic witch hunt'' in the Village area of the city. Free article

Praise for unique project

26 June 1997

The Six Counties first prisoner-run drop-in centre, Tar Anall, launched its new information pack in Springfield Training Centre, West Belfast, on Thursday 19 June. The pack details the various services provided by the group and introduces the centre's staff. Free article

Derry nationalists under attack

26 June 1997

A SHOOTING INCIDENT IN the Kilfennan area of Derry is thought to be the latest in a series of loyalist attacks against nationalists in Derry's Waterside. Four shots were fired outside the home of the Catholic family in the early hours of Wednesday morning 25 June. Although no one was injured the family are said to be terrified and in a state of shock. Free article

Spinning in pollution

26 June 1997

Robert Allen argues why Aughinish Alumina should not get a pollution control licence Free article

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