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26 June 1997 Edition

The joys of a global market

26 June 1997

The Derry City Partnership's widely acclaimed document outlining a vision for the city in the next 25 years was dropped through our letter boxes at the same time as United Technology dropped their bombshell, through a hired PR company, of the closure of their Blighshane plant in Derry after 27 years. On the same day Adam Ingram, the New Labour Minister, was in Belfast speaking at the ``Northern Ireland Exporter of the Year'' awards. Free article

Roddy's celebrates 25 years

26 June 1997

Oh! I am Rodai of Duneane And those of no property bear my name. Those kingly freemen who sweat and toil And yet who never gain nor reign. I love these wretched gentle souls They! condemned to death from birth, I stand by Tone and I stand by truth And the wretched of this earth! Free article

Téann an ghrian faoi ar an impireacht

26 June 1997

Is é Hong Cong gona shé mhilliún duine an limistéar is mó daonra atá fágtha san impireacht Shasanach taobh amuigh de Shasana féin. Oíche Dé Luain seo chugainn athaontófar é leis an tSín tar éis dó stádas coilíneachta a fhulaingt ar feadh 156 bliana. Free article

Workers in struggle

26 June 1997

Derry jobs disaster, Downside of the American dream and Fair wage or a millennium time bomb? Free article

Sportsview: How the mighty fall

26 June 1997

If you wanted an example of all that is right and wrong with the GAA, last Sunday's games provided pundits with the perfect exhibition of where things stand in 1997. Across Ireland in every province crunch games were held with some of the most spectacular results seen in recent years, while in Dublin's Croke Park, GAA headquarters and flagship stadium, high quality sport skills on the pitch were overshadowed by low quality organisational skills which could have meant a potential disaster for the huge crowd attending the Leinster hurling semi finals. Free article

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Remembering the Past: Arming the Volunteers

26 June 1997

Republican leaders in 1913 decided that it was an opportune time to challenge England's illegal occupation of Ireland through force of arms or threat of armed revolt. Following their establishment to the Irish Volunteers in the Rotunda Rink, Dublin, on 25 November 1913 they set about arming and equipping the new force. Free article

Back issue: Campaign dilemma

26 June 1997

As the Orange marching season gets under way, the unionist leadership has reached a crossroads in its campaign to smash the Hillsborough Agreement. Free article

New in print

26 June 1997

Culture, Identity and Politics Ethnic minorities in Britain Free article

Cinema: The Devil's Own

26 June 1997

Let me admit, I'm a sucker for films set against the backdrop of the conflict in Ireland. Will they get the accent right? Will I recognise where it was shot? And, most importantly, how will Irish republicanism be portrayed? Free article

Television: Low lying in high places

26 June 1997

It would be tempting to see the fate of the liar Jonathan Aitken as a metaphor for Britain's Conservatives. He is, after all, just like the Tory party; well brought up, smug, rich, addicted to power, cynical to an absolute, and a moral vacuum. He too is now vanquished, disgraced and, with any luck, consigned to the dustbin of history. Free article

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