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2 December 2012 Edition

Stop the poppy bullying

2 December 2012

THE POPPY, its advocates never tire telling us, is about respect and freedom. So where’s the respect for the freedom of conscience of those of us who choose not to wear the poppy? Where’s the respect for Derry-born Ireland soccer star James McClean’s decision not to wear the poppy? Free article

A referendum for Catalonia and Caledonia

2 December 2012

An Phoblacht Editor JOHN HEDGES caught up with Alfred again in Barcelona prior to November’s regional elections, when Alfred was again standing for the Republican Left of Catalonia. Free article

The Liberty Hall and Sackville Place bombs

2 December 2012

ON 1 DECEMBER 1972, the first unionist car bomb exploded in the 26 Counties during ‘The Troubles’ – at Liberty Hall, then the headquarters of the Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union. In a second bomb near O’Connell Street, two bus workers were killed. MARGARET URWIN of the Justice for the Forgotten campaign group looks back, 40 years on. Premium service article

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Partitionist states established

2 December 2012

FOUR DAYS in December 1922 saw tragic events that were the working out of the British Government’s plan to divide and rule Ireland. Partition had been legislated for under the 1920 Government of Ireland Act. At the time of its passing, that Act was a dead letter throughout most of the country, where the Republic had the allegiance of the majority of the people. But in north-east Ulster, the Act led to the establishment of a sectarian Orange state. Partition and the creation of a Six-County state were confirmed in the Treaty that now divided nationalist Ireland. Free article

Toronto GAA kicks off inaugural United Ireland Cup

2 December 2012

THE Toronto Gaelic Athletic Association inaugural United Ireland Cup was a tremendous success on Saturday 10 November with over 200 players and fans gathering at Polson Pier for the tournament. Free article

Broken Down

2 December 2012

Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Directed by Bill Condon. Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. 12A – 1 hour 56 mins Free article

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