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1 February 2016 Edition

Leading a progressive government

1 February 2016

IN the Dáil general election, the Establishment parties of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour seek a continuation of ‘business as usual’. That means continued political cronyism and policies that entrench inequality and unfairness. Free article

Better with Sinn Féin

1 February 2016

SINN FÉIN is launching its most concerted electoral challenge in almost a century as the party looks to contest all 40 constituencies across the 26 Counties, standing 50 candidates in total for Dáil seats.. Free article

In elections, as in Government, there are always choices

1 February 2016

THE IDEA that the outcome has all but been decided is not only insulting to voters but runs contrary to the facts. Free article

A republican voter’s guide

1 February 2016

FORGET the next Star Wars movie or Batman versus Superman in 2016 – a much bigger show is coming. The 32nd Dáil general election since 1918 is opening soon. Free article

Join the Rising

1 February 2016

THERE WERE QUEUES outside the Mansion House on Thursday 7 January over an hour before Sinn Féin’s ‘Join the Rising’ event to launch its year of centenary events opened its doors. By the time an actor appeared on stage in the role of Pádraig Pearse and flanked by Irish Citizen Army Volunteers tor read the Proclamation, the venue was full to capacity. Martin Ferris TD went outside to speak to those who were unable to get in. Premium service article

Impressive series of events for 1916 centenary year

1 February 2016

1916 CENTENARY EVENTS are already underway with impressive programmes already in place in Dublin, Belfast, Derry and Kerry and many locally-accessible events across the 32 Counties, including exhibitions, films, drama, parades, talks, concerts and music. Free article

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New childcare policy launched

1 February 2016

LAUNCHING Sinn Féin’s “Better 4 Childcare” policy in Dublin on 22 January, deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald said a Government led by her party would be better for childcare as it would set a maximum fee at €180 a week reducing to €150 incrementally. Free article

Why is the middle class so afraid of Easter Week?

1 February 2016

THE 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising is a time of great pride for the vast majority of Irish people, yet the official ‘celebrations’ are strangely muted. Free article

Martin McGuinness – Back home in Derry

1 February 2016

MARTIN McGUINNESS has confirmed that he will seek the Sinn Féin nomination to contest the upcoming Assembly election in the Foyle constituency. The election is likely to happen in May. Free article

Dignity, security and equality

1 February 2016

MARY LOU McDonald TD says Sinn Féin’s ‘Citizens Charter for Older People’ aims to ensure that older people live in a state where they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve: Free article

Delivering a united Ireland for all

1 February 2016

IRISH UNITY is a fundamental democratic choice for the people of Ireland together. It is about the power to choose who we should be governed by and how we should be governed. Uniting Ireland allows us the opportunity to build a new Irish nation that reflects all aspects of our priorities as a society and includes all of our people. Through Irish unity we will elect a government which is wholly accountable to all the people of Ireland. Free article

Time to scrap the Special Criminal Court

1 February 2016

THE SPECIAL CRIMINAL COURT in Dublin was established on 26 May 1972 under the Offences Against the State Act. It allowed courts consisting of three judges – without a jury – to try and jail individuals accused of membership of banned organisations such as the IRA. Free article

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