25 September 2003 Edition

Suidice: A mother writes

25 September 2003

A Chairde, I just thought I would put pen to paper in order to thank you for your article on suicide. I am a brokenhearted mother who lost my son to suicide just over a year ago. Free article

Alcohol use in Ireland, and anywhere

25 September 2003

A Chairde, I visited Ireland for my first time this past May. I love the place and the people, and I will be back as soon as I can. Free article

New York's smoking ban

25 September 2003

A Chairde, I enjoy reading your publication online from the States, where I live (my late grandfather was a republican from Listowel who emmigrated here around 1925). Free article

Seanad Reform

25 September 2003

A Chairde, At the moment an Oireachtas Sub-Committee is discussing the issue of Seanad reform. However, this process will be meaningless if the outcome, which will ultimately be decided upon by the main establishment parties, is to continue to deny the vast majority of Irish citizens the right to decide who is elected to sit in this chamber. Free article

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