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25 September 2003 Edition

Fair City? - Two jailed as Dublin bin tax war escalates

25 September 2003

Dublin lost its mantle of 'fair city' this week when 13 of its residents were arrested for peacefully protesting against bin charges. In a direct attack on the right of the public to protest against an unjust double tax, householders and activists were hauled before the courts by Fingal and Dublin City councils in an attempt to break the back of the campaign. Free article

Dublin bin tax protests grow

25 September 2003

Dubliners are sending a strong message to the inhabitants of Leinster House this week - they're sick of being ripped off by the coalition government and they're prepared to go to jail to prove it. Free article

Be ready for election, Adams urges party

25 September 2003

Party President Gerry Adams has told Sinn Féin to be ready for an election. Speaking to party activists from across the country, Adams warned that in the North an Assembly election could be called at any time and that activists must be ready for that challenge "when it comes". Free article

Breaking new ground for United Ireland of Equals

25 September 2003

Gerry Adams had come to Stormont to break new ground - to address a meeting of Sinn Féin MPs, TDs, former Assembly members and councillors in Stormont, to discuss and debate strategies to build and strengthen the community for reunification, mapping the road to the realising of an Ireland of Equals. Free article


19 Australian MPs concerned about Colombia Three trial

25 September 2003

Delegation requests meeting with Consul - Nineteen members of the New South Wales Parliament in Australia, including two Cabinet Ministers, three Parliamentary Secretaries and the President of the Upper House or Legislative Council, have written to the Colombian Consul in Sydney and the Colombian Ambassador in Canberra to express their concern in relation to the trial of Niall Connolly, Martin McCauley and James Monaghan. Free article

Spin and speculation grows with election expectation

25 September 2003

In some ways it's nothing new. As soon as there's a whiff of an election in the air, familiar political configurations begin to emerge. It's a widely recognised phenomenon that in the run up to an election, the nationalist media will switch into anti-republican mode. Newspapers like the Irish News, whose circulation normally relies upon a wider audience than the dwindling SDLP support base, are temporarily transformed into little more than a party political propaganda sheet. During the run up to an election, the consistently anti-republican unionist media is joined by compliant nationalism. Free article

An Phoblacht price rise

25 September 2003

The price of your weekly copy of An Phoblacht increases this week. The cost of the paper has remained unchanged for the last 29 months, over two and a half years, but increased production and printing costs left us with no option but to increase our cover price. The new price is €1.10/£0.90p in Ireland and £1 in England, Scotland and Wales. We are most grateful to all our readers and sellers for your ongoing support. Free article

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