25 September 2003 Edition

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New York's smoking ban

A Chairde,

I enjoy reading your publication online from the States, where I live (my late grandfather was a republican from Listowel who emmigrated here around 1925).

I'm writing now regarding Joanne Corcoran's recent article on smoking (An Phoblacht, 4 September). I am a performing musician in New York and I lost my regular gig due to the recent smoking ban. At first I welcomed the ban, not being a smoker, but the local bar owners here are suffering and as a result have cut back on their entertainment budgets. Hopefully, the culture here will accept the change, but so far the promised flood of new customers who (supposedly) have been staying home all these years "because of the smoke" have yet to arrive.

Also, as our economy continues to slide, I am finding it very easy to arrive at restaurants without having reserved a table. I mention this last because the recent Cornell study the article mentioned vis-a-vis increasing revenues is generally regarded here as a big fat lie (as in lies, damn lies, and statistics). How can they be claiming gains in revenue when EVERY other report shows the hotel and restaurant industry is losing money because of the a) lack of tourists and b) loss of jobs that has followed the destruction of the World Trade Center two years ago.

I find it amusing that in the same issue you printed a letter from Brendan Hogan that advocates a more liberal stance towards illegal drugs!

Sure, shoot up, but PUT OUT THAT FAG!

Thank you for a great online newspaper and resource.

Terence Granville Woods

Long Beach, NY


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