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1 June 2015 Edition

Taking a stand against Tory cuts

1 June 2015

THE unionist and Establishment media have been singing from the same hymn sheet – that the crisis at Stormont is the fault of Sinn Féin (and the SDLP) because they 'cannot take the tough decisions'. On the contrary, the easiest thing would have been to roll over and follow the diktats of the Tory millionaire Cabinet in London to slash the social supports of the most vulnerable in our communities – unionist as well as nationalist. Free article

Tuarascáil Cháinteach Eisithe ag an gCoimisinéar Teanga – Ach Céard a dhéanfaidh lucht na Gaeilge faoi?

1 June 2015

IS BEAG plé a rinneadh faoi Tuarascáil an Choimisinéar Teanga a foilsíodh an mhí seo caite. Sea, chlúdaigh na meáin Ghaeilge an scéal ach ní fhaca mé oiread is focal amháin faoi sna meáin Bhéarla. Free article

People-powered campaigning

1 June 2015

FOR MANY IN IRELAND, the ability to effect change seems to be an ever-decreasing possibility. Corporate power is rising and trust in political parties and the traditional structures of democracy are in decline. Representative democracy is failing the majority and more and more people feel disempowered and distanced from decision makers. Premium service article

Here comes summer

1 June 2015

WITH THE DAWN of the spring, as we leave another winter behind us, society normally looks forward to the emergence of summer with its long nights and (hopefully) sunny days. In a number of areas across the North afflicted by contentious parades, however, the prospect of another summer evokes a sense of dread as local communities experience the annual rise in tension associated with the advent of another parading season. Premium service article

Danny Morrison's West Belfast, A story of a community in struggle

1 June 2015

DANNY MORRISON always wanted to be a novelist, from when he was around 15 or 16 growing up in Belfast. Being interned got in the way. He became embroiled in the struggle against the gerrymandered unionist statelet and the props which held up the Stormont unionist regime, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the British Army. Free article

Meet the Creightons

1 June 2015

IRELAND’S NEWEST POLITICAL PARTY made a splash in the Carlow/Kilkenny by-election finishing ahead of Labour. Headed-up by former Fine Gael Minister of State and darling of the media and the leafy south Dublin suburbs, Lucinda Creighton, it has acted as a rallying point for a cohort of disgruntled Establishment figures wanting to take up where the Progressive Democrats left off. Free article

Wolfe Tone Weekend Festival

1 June 2015

Wolfe Tone – The Exhibition, Traditional Irish Music and Family Fair Free article

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Sinn Féin Summer School 2015

1 June 2015

THE Annual Sinn Féin Summer School goes from strength to strength and this year again features thought-provoking, outspoken figures. The 2015 line-up includes Guardian columnist and TV commentator Owen Jones, author of The Establishment’ and ‘Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class; artist Jim Fitzpatrick, best known for his iconic images of Che Guevara and his Celtic mythology scenes; John Brewer, Professor of Post-Conflict Studies of Queen’s University Belfast; UCD lecturer Julien Mercille, author of The Political Economy and Media Coverage of the European Economic Crisis: The Case of Ireland; and former Dublin All-Ireland winning footballer and transplant surgeon Dr David Hickey, who has been a long-time advocate for a better public health system. Free article

‘British renegotiation is also an opportunity for Irish democracy

1 June 2015

THE Conservative Party victory in Britain and the certainty now that there will be a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union has thrown the Irish Establishment into total turmoil. Premium service article

Everywhere Man

1 June 2015

Seán Tyrrell’s unique voice and lyrics make him stand apart from other artists Premium service article

Another Europe is possible – Treo eile don Eoraip

1 June 2015

No military response to Mediterranean refugee crisis, Right2Water discussed at conference in Greece, Scaling down investor-state mechanism won’t save TTIP and Step forward for Irish fishing communities in EU Free article

Kurdish fight for freedom against ISIS

1 June 2015

THE KURDISH PEOPLE have long faced oppression. Their language, culture and way of life has been repressed by a variety governments and regimes. The Kurdish struggle for self-determination is taking place in modern-day Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. Free article

Public urged to get involved in centenary commemoration

1 June 2015

THE O’Donovan Rossa funeral on 1 August 1915 is widely recognised as the call to arms for the subsequent 1916 Rising. This public spectacle of strength and organisation by the Irish Volunteers and other groups brought over 100,000 onto the streets of Dublin to watch the funeral cortege pass by on its way to Glasnevin. Free article

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