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1 June 2015 Edition

Tory welfare cuts Bill blocked by Sinn Féin and SDLP

1 June 2015

THE Welfare Reform Bill being pushed through Stormont by the Democratic Unionist Party – supported by the Ulster Unionist Party, Alliance and other unionists – was blocked by a Petition of Concern tabled by Sinn Féin and the SDLP late on Tuesday night, 26 May, as An Phoblacht was going to print. The future of the Assembly and the Executive is uncertain. Free article

Meeting Prince Charles, promoting peace and reconciliation

1 June 2015

THE IMAGE of the historic handshake that flashed worldwide obscured the importance of two private meetings the future head of state had with leaders of Sinn Féin when they met Prince Charles in Ireland last month. Free article

Aer Lingus sale a bad deal for Ireland

1 June 2015

AS AN PHOBLACHT goes to print, it looks certain that the state’s 25% share in Aer Lingus is to be sold off by Fine Gael and Labour for €335million to the International Airlines Group (IAG). Fianna Fáil had sold off 75% of the airline in 2006. Free article

Sinn Féin big winners in Carlow/Kilkenny by-election

1 June 2015

SINN FÉIN’S Kathleen Funchion has set herself up nicely to take a seat in the next Dáil general election as Sinn Féin’s first-preference vote jumped from 9.5% to 16.2% in what is considered one of the most conservative constituencies in the state and which, until 2009, never had a Sinn Féin councillor since 2003. Free article

Spotlight on Britain's undercover war

1 June 2015

A SECRET RUC Special Branch forensics unit is being investigated by the Police Ombudsman's office amid growing calls for the British Government to come clean on its use of unionist killer gangs in the North. Premium service article

Platform for Renewal wants your input

1 June 2015

DRAFT ‘Policy Principles for a Progressive Irish Government’ were launched on May Day by the trade unions, political parties and NGOs involved in the Right2Water (R2W) campaign to begin a discussion about “what type of society we want to live in”. Free article

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Resounding 'YES' to marriage equality

1 June 2015

THOUSANDS of ‘Yes’ campaigners cheered, hugged and danced in the courtyard of Dublin Castle before bursting into a stirring rendition of Amhrán na bhFiann as the official announcement came through that citizens throughout the 26-County state had given an emphatic thumbs up to extending equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. Free article

Tory victory but not a landslide

1 June 2015

THE general election result in England, Scotland and Wales (and the slim Tory majority which caught most by surprise) was the product of two factors. Premium service article

Unionist, pro-austerity parties win Westminster election

1 June 2015

THE UNIONIST PACT between the Democratic Unionist Party and the Ulster Unionist Party dictated the outcome of the 2015 Westminster election in the Six Counties. In the face of this conservative consensus, Sinn Féin battled to keep the focus on the Tory cuts imposed from Westminster. Free article

It was the polls ‘wot won it’

1 June 2015

WHO REALLY WON the British election? Who will win the coming Leinster House vote? It is the same victor in not just these polls but the marriage equality referendum in Ireland too. The news media are the clear winners. Premium service article

Banking inquiry to hear politicians

1 June 2015

THE Oireachtas banking inquiry is now fully into its main investigation. It has been hearing evidence from senior bankers and over the next couple of months we’ll finally get to hear from the politicians themselves, including Brian Cowen and Charlie McCreevy. Premium service article

Here comes summer

1 June 2015

WITH THE DAWN of the spring, as we leave another winter behind us, society normally looks forward to the emergence of summer with its long nights and (hopefully) sunny days. In a number of areas across the North afflicted by contentious parades, however, the prospect of another summer evokes a sense of dread as local communities experience the annual rise in tension associated with the advent of another parading season. Premium service article

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