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19 April 2007 Edition

Sinn Féin to stand 42 candidates in General Election

19 April 2007

Sinn Féin will be standing 42 candidates in 41 constituencies in the forthcoming General Election. The Head of Sinn Féin's Election Department and party vice-President Pat Doherty MP, speaking at a meeting of the party's Ard Chomhairle in Dublin on 14 April, said that in the coming weeks "we will be putting a strong republican platform before the electorate setting out our plans to build an Ireland of equals. We are preparing to be in government, north and south". Free article

Hundreds under threat as collusion plot exposed

19 April 2007

Exposure of a significant intelligence gathering operation involving three agencies, the British army, PSNI and UVF has once again placed the issue of collusion centre stage. Free article

Tipp village fights developers' greed

19 April 2007

The residents of Puckane, a small village in North Tipperary, are extremely concerned about a proposed rezoning in the area which they believe will practically destroy their community. This scenic village currently has a population of 269 people living in an estimated 100 houses. But North Tipperary County Council wants to allow developers to build 400 houses in the village. Free article

Sinn Féin meets Policing Board

19 April 2007

A Sinn Féin delegation led by the party President Gerry Adams MP and including Assembly member Jennifer McCann, Dublin Mid-West representative Joanne Spain and the party spokesperson on Policing issues Alex Maskey met with the Chairperson of the Policing Board Des Rea in Stormont on 16 April. Free article


Campaigners say Rossport EPA hearings 'bogus'

19 April 2007

At a protest at Bellinaboy County Mayo, anti-Shell activists, including members of Sinn Féin, tried to attach themselves to trucks transporting thousands of tons of peat from the proposed refinery site of the government-backed, but locally-opposed, scheme. During protests over the weekend, seven activists were arrested including people who had travelled from Poland and the United States, as well as Dublin and Mayo. Free article

Sectarian killer McFerran protected by Special Branch

19 April 2007

Less than three months after the publication of the report into RUC Special Branch collusion in killings in North Belfast, the Ombudsman is facing another investigation into the murderous activities of a Special Branch agent and UDA commander in South Belfast. Free article

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