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15 July 2004 Edition

British responsible for Ardoyne trouble

15 July 2004

Responsibility for the trouble that erupted in Ardoyne on Monday lies with the British Secretary of State, Sinn Féin spokesperson on policing, North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly, told a press conference on Wednesday. Free article

The PSNI were always going to allow Orange hangers-on through Ardoyne

15 July 2004

Some things never change. The trouble that erupted in Ardoyne on Monday as Orange marchers were escorted through an area that is mainly nationalist was inevitable once it became clear that the PSNI had set aside the Parades Commission ruling barring Orange Order supporters, mainly loyalist paramilitaries and drunken louts, from going up the Crumlin Road past the Ardoyne shops. Free article

The Bible and the Crown

15 July 2004

On my television screen, lines of mostly men in dark suits, bowler hats and Orange collarettes march in formation to the tunes of pseudo-military bands. Banners declare their district, their faith and their political allegiances. The mottos embroidered on their banners and flags reiterate a notion of themselves as the "chosen", the "finest" and the "true". Free article

Orange violence wins the day

15 July 2004

There is a very simple yet powerful message reverberating around the streets and lanes of nationalist areas across the Six Counties this week and that is that unionist violence and intimidation has had a victory over the rights of nationalist people in Ardoyne, writes JIM GIBNEY. Free article


PSNI walk over nationalist rights in Lurgan

15 July 2004

As in Ardoyne on Monday, the PSNI overruled a Parades Commission determination banning a Royal Black Preceptory march from parading along the Market Street and Church Place areas of Lurgan on Tuesday 13 July. According to Sinn Féin Assembly member John O'Dowd, the PSNI "marshalled" the loyalist marchers into a restricted area of the town centre after they returned to Lurgan from a parade in Bangor. Free article

MEPs set out priorities for Europe

15 July 2004

The Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle last week decided that Sinn Féin will work as part of the European United Left/Nordic Green Group (GUE/HGL) in the European Parliament. On Wednesday, speaking to An Phoblacht from Brussels on their first trip as MEPs to the European Parliament, Bairbre de Brún said that they had been warmly welcomed by their new colleagues, who had shown a lot of interest in the fact that both Sinn Féin's MEPs are women. Bairbre de Brún and Mary Lou McDonald have also set out the party's priorities in Europe. Free article

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