15 July 2004 Edition

Terrorising 'terror'

15 July 2004

The Anglo-American 'War on Terror' has facilitated gross escalations in human rights violations of detainees worldwide, writes MICHAEL PIERSE Free article

Ógra member finally cleared

15 July 2004

Nine months of frustration for Ógra Shinn Fein member Daniel Turnbull finally came to an end on Tuesday 6 July, when charges of gathering information that would likely be of use to terrorists were dropped at Omagh Court. Free article


15 July 2004

15 July 2004 Free article

Coca Cola still in the Colombian dock

15 July 2004

As the year-long boycott against Coca Cola by Colombian trade unions nears its end, the President of the Sinaltrainal trade union says the struggle against the multinational's policy of harassing trade union members and officials has been a worthy exercise in raising awareness. In this interview, Javier Correa says the campaign will continue "until such time as the company sits down with our union to talk about a solution". Free article

Dunloy Orangemen break rules again

15 July 2004

North Antrim Sinn Féin Assembly member Philip McGuigan has criticised the Orange Order in Dunloy after they broke determinations set out by the Parades Commission by deliberately playing music and making speeches outside the Orange Hall on Station Road. Free article

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North Antrim Catholic family targeted

15 July 2004

A Catholic family escaped serious injury in a sectarian attack after a gang of armed unionist paramilitaries broke into and searched their Loughguile home near Ballymoney, County Antrim at around 2am on Tuesday 13 July. Free article

Concerns over inquiry principles

15 July 2004

The Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) has expressed concern over the independence of the inquiries being set up to investigate the deaths of Rosemary Nelson, Robert Hamill and LVF killer Billy Wright. The CAJ also raised questions about some of the principles announced by the British Government, on Thursday 8 July, that will govern the inquiries. Free article

PSNI use CS Spray against young people in Derry

15 July 2004

Derry Sinn Féin councillor Cathal Crumley has accused the PSNI of lying to the media over an incident at the weekend when they used the controversial CS spray for the first time in the Six Counties. Free article


15 July 2004

Bass brewery to stop manufacturing Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams says he is angry and disappointed at the decision by Bass Ireland's parent company, Interbrew, to offload its manufacturing facility at the Glen Road brewery in West Belfast. Free article

Interface children visit London

15 July 2004

BY DENIS GRACE - Two years ago, some of us in the London-based Wolfe Tone Society visited Belfast's Short Strand and Ardoyne on a fact-finding trip. The shocking realities of what we saw then laid the seeds that came to fruition last week. Four kids from each of these areas and four from South Antrim, all aged between 12 and 14 and accompanied by four adult community leaders, spent a week in London and stayed with members of our group. Free article

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