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1 July 2004 Edition

Cowards crumble before bigots

1 July 2004

The Parades Commission's decision to force an Orange Parade through the nationalist Springfield Road Community has been described by Gerry Adams as disgraceful. The Sinn Féin President was commenting after a meeting with the Parades Commission held at the party's request. "The Parades Commission collapsed last week in the face of threats by unionist politicians and unionist paramilitaries," said Adams. The decision to force an unwelcome Orange march through a nationalist residential area was "an act of moral cowardice which has left a deep sense of hurt among the Springfield Road residents who worked hard to try and find a resolution". Free article

A victory for intimidation, violence and threats

1 July 2004

Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey has described the last-minute decision by the Parades Commission to overturn its determination and allow an Orange Order parade through a nationalist area of West Belfast last Saturday as "a victory for intimidation, violence and threats". Free article

Standing idly by

1 July 2004

Former Taoiseach Jack Lynch's famous but empty assurance in the summer of 1969 about not standing 'idly by' while the RUC, B Specials and loyalists visited a pogrom on the nationalist and Catholic people of the Six Counties was to the forefront of my mind last Thursday morning. Free article

Sending Bush the message

1 July 2004

"Excuse me, could I get one of those placards to bring home?" I turned to find four members of the same family, clutching the California State flag as they walked away from the Anti-Bush demonstration, looking for Sinn Féin placards. As two American women, yet again looking for placards as souvenirs put it, "He's our President, you think you guys have problems?" Free article


Dublin Government must follow up on Colombia Three

1 July 2004

"The message we're getting from people all over Ireland is that if these three men were from any other country in Europe they would be home by now," Sinn Féin MLA and Bring Them Home spokesperson Caitríona Ruane told An Phoblacht on Wednesday. Free article

Jeffrey Donaldson and The Wailers at Féile

1 July 2004

Where else would you find Jeffrey Donaldson, reggae giants The Wailers, Arthur Scargill, Christy Moore, Roddy Doyle, Big Brovaz, George Galloway and of course, Tom Hartley, other than in West Belfast in the first week of August. Free article

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